Barcelona y Madrid

Barcelona was great, what a fantastic city! We arrived at Razzamataz, our venue for the gig and were warmly greeted by the local promoter and crew. After a straightforward soundcheck we got ready for the show.

The audience in Barcelona were really great, cheering all the way through the gig and we all had a great time, played very well and enjoyed our time in Barcelona immensely!

The next day we left quite early on the deserted, extremely windy highway to Madrid. The scenery was quite amazing!

We got to our venue at the Sala Copernico, and had another quick soundcheck, which was good because Gavin had 4 interviews.

The gig was nice, the people from Madrid were really friendly and enjoyed the gig. This was the firs gig where I felt quite exhausted during the show, but we got through it and it was a good performance.

Today and tomorrow are “days off” where we have to drive more than 1000 miles from Madrid to Frankfurt for our next gig. The scenery is amazing 🙂










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