Aschaffenburg and Cologne

After a 1800 kilometer drive from Madrid to Frankfurt we arrived at our picturesque hill top hotel for the next two nights. It was a lovely hotel and we were all grateful to have a day to relax before our gig at the Colo-sal in Aschaffenburg.

The venue was great and the sound was fantastic too, we played to a very enthusiastic audience and enjoyed our gig very much. I had a riser on stage for me for the first time and it was a very nice set up for sound and eye contact with the band. Great gig!

The next day we had a short trip to Cologne for our concert at the Underground venue. This place was more rock and roll and the audience was very close to the stage which is nice:) it was another sold out show and after a bumpy start to the set we had a great show and enjoyed the energy we got back from such a vibrant crowd.

It was lovely to see some familiar faces is the audience from previous gigs on this tour and the tour in earlier this year 🙂

We have only two shows left on this tour, it feels like it has been a long time on the road but also gone by very quickly. Tomorrow we play in Amsterdam and then Paris on Saturday, but before all that we celebrate 05Ric’s birthday tonight so happy birthday!













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