Are you wanting to expand your knowledge of music and get to the next level with your bass playing? Have you been playing for a while but can’t get the ideas you have in your head to transfer to your instrument? Then get in touch to arrange your first lesson today!

I can help you achieve all that and more. Make the most out of your practice time/routine and give you some clear, step by step goals to get your playing moving. Regardless of what style and level you are at, I can help you improve as a musician and enjoyment from playing your instrument.

If you don’t live in or near Cambridge UK, not to worry! We can arrange a lesson online. If you have a good internet connection, a webcam, a tablet with a camera or even a smartphone it can be done.

The lesson times can be as little as 20 minutes to a full hour, to suit your busy schedule and budget. I can also do group lessons. It may be beneficial for you and your friend to learn together and make the lessons more affordable.

With over ten years experience teaching privately and in schools, colleges and University, I can help you if you are playing as a hobby up to preparing for a full time music course. So if you want to get started on your path to greater understanding of your instrument and enjoyment, please get in touch today! Its never to late to start…

Please use the contact page to book a lesson.

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