Paris with Myles Sanko

Last night we had out first gig with the Myles Sanko band in Paris, at BizzArt venue. It was quite a long journey for us to get there but it was well worth it. We were welcomed by the great staff from the venue and had a fantastic meal before our performance.

The gig was great and the Parisian audience really got in to it and danced the whole night long. Apparently that’s quite a rare occurrence as the audiences in Paris can be quite hard to please and a bit reserved. In my experience playing in Paris has always been great, this time with Myles and last December with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric at the Batofar.

We were joined onstage with Thierry Los for the last song, which was great fun. He has been a long time collaborator with Myles and co-produced the first album. I look forward to coming back to Paris soon.

Now a little rest and enjoy some World Cup action…






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