Myles Sanko and Swagger gigs!

After a whole day off from the great tour with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric I was straight back to doing gigs in London and Cambridge with Myles Sanko and Swagger. The first gig was at a luxury hotel in central London with Swagger, it was a lot of fun but I was completely exhausted at 4am when I got back home.

The next two gigs were with Myles Sanko whose second album will be coming out early next year, it sounds great and the songs are a lot of fun to play. We played a fun gig at La Raza in Cambridge and the next day in London on 29th floor of Guy’s Hospital. The views were amazing, quite a fantastic place to do a gig! The crowds danced all night to our funky soul grooves! I finished the week with a treat, seeing one of my favorite stand up comedians Stewart Lee, it was very funny! If you have never heard/seen him check it out, great stuff.

No more gigs until New Year’s Eve so merry Christmas to you and see you at a gig in 2014, there are lots of exciting concerts coming up that I will put on the tour dates page soon!


20131216-024825 pm.jpg

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