Paris, Barcelona and Newmarket….


It’s been a good month, October has been very busy so far with a nice varied amount of gigs. I have been to Paris with Myles Sanko and will be going to Barcelona this week for a concert, tickets are available here. Also had the pleasure of playing for drunk horse race punters in Newmarket, which was different.

The start of a new academic year at Anglia Ruskin university has started and an exciting year of learning and teaching begins.

There will be new 2015 dates added very soon to the tour date page as soon as they are confirmed.


Dresden memories and upcoming events in October


I have had a great time at the Dresden drum and bass festival and would like to thank Matthias Barthel and his wonderful crew, made up of mostly of volunteers to make this non-profit event happen. I would also like to thank Warwick for making it possible for me to be there.

My clinic went well I think, there were many great questions about the projects I am involved in, how to solve musical problems and other insights. It was also a great opportunity for me and others to meet and learn from some great musicians, offering great advice and insight in different aspects and styles of music.

It was a interesting to learn from the experiences of great drummers like Poogie Bell, Mark Guiliana and fantastic bass players like Jeff Berlin, Yossi Fine and Chris Morrisey. I also enjoyed the performances of Anika Nilles, Trilok Gurtu and the Jazz pistols. I just wish I knew how to speak German as I did not understand anything that was said, but from the crowd reaction it was entertaining and funny.

I hope to come back one day to this festival and share new experiences and learn some more valuable lessons and make new friends.

Coming up next in October there are tour dates with Myles Sanko in the UK, France and Spain as well as a concert with Maurice Cannon formerly of the Drifters. Also a new teaching year begins at Anglia Ruskin University to look forward to next week.













Dresden drum and bass festival


After a great tour with Myles Sanko, ending with some great concerts in Newcastle and Manchester With Craig Charles it’s time to prepare for the Dresden drum and bass festival.

I am really looking forward to this event and more details can be found here:

Time to practice 🙂






Delft, Haerlem and Venlo festivals with Myles Sanko


This weekend was busy one, after a couple of gigs with Swagger in England I left at 2:30 am, on Friday morning with Myles Sanko and band after getting back from a gig at 1:30 am to fly to the Netherlands. We played three great festivals in Delft on Friday Haarlem on Saturday and Venlo on Sunday.

We had a special performance at Zomeerparkfest in Venlo where we recorded a video of 4 songs in a church in the festival site. It was a lot of fun and the great atmosphere is captured on the video.

The songs we played are Save My Soul, Come On Home, Forever Dreaming and Goodbye Lady. The band is going from strength to strength and improving  at every performance. I am looking forward to this weekends gigs with Myles in Newcastle on Friday and Manchester on Saturday with Craig Charles, it should be really good! Details are here on the updated tour dates page. Enjoy the video:




Madrid and Enclave de Agua festival with Myles Sanko


It’s been quite a busy summer this year! I have just got back from a great couple of concerts in Spain with Myles Sanko, and a gig at the Secret Garden Festival in the UK.

The concerts in Spain were very different from each other but good fun. The first was at the Tempo club, a great retro club with a great pedigree of soul and funk bands and Dj’s. The second was at the Enclave de agua festival in the town of Soria. It was in a very nice setting, in the middle of a beautiful valley. The main stage was huge and there were more than 5000 people in attendance.

There are many exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, more festival dates with Myles Sanko. Including three great festivals in the Netherlands and a tour of the north of England. I am also doing a bass clinic/masterclass at the Dresden drum and bass show in Germany.

More to come soon!












Paris with Myles Sanko

Last night we had out first gig with the Myles Sanko band in Paris, at BizzArt venue. It was quite a long journey for us to get there but it was well worth it. We were welcomed by the great staff from the venue and had a fantastic meal before our performance.

The gig was great and the Parisian audience really got in to it and danced the whole night long. Apparently that’s quite a rare occurrence as the audiences in Paris can be quite hard to please and a bit reserved. In my experience playing in Paris has always been great, this time with Myles and last December with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric at the Batofar.

We were joined onstage with Thierry Los for the last song, which was great fun. He has been a long time collaborator with Myles and co-produced the first album. I look forward to coming back to Paris soon.

Now a little rest and enjoy some World Cup action…






Amsterdam and Paris with Myles Sanko

This weekend we take the Myles Sanko show to Paris in support of the new album Forever Dreaming. After a great run of shows in Holland last weekend, the highlight being the Jazz at the lake festival in Amsterdam. There are some pictures below. If you would like to come to the show in Paris, click here. You can also buy the new album there too.

Cheers 🙂20140611-095015-35415424.jpg




Video Lessons, Tour dates and more!


Its been a very busy few weeks and I am happy to share with you the first videos of a series of video bass lessons. I have also updated the Tour dates with new dates in the UK, Holland, France and Spain! I have also updated the Gear page.

Last week was great, I had a very nice recording session with Resolution 88. we have recorded a few new tracks and they sound good, more news on that soon. I also had a fantastic gig at the Troy Bar featuring Jonathan Idiagbonya, Femi Temowo on guitar, Marijus Aleksa on drums and Junior Alli on percussion. It was a great fun gig playing some covers and original tunes.

Here are the first videos of the lessons series for future sounds Also please check out their Youtube channel here and subscribe!


Myles Sanko album launch and more

This last month has been great! Lots of great gigs, studio sessions and other cool things. The highlights include the great album launch concert with Myles Sanko at the jazz cafe in Camden. It was sold out and was a great show!

Also this month, I have started to record and publish some instructional videos for future sounds education, you can find them here.

Finally I wanted thank Markbass for their support. I have received their compressore pedal and it’s great!

I will be updating the tour dates as soon as they are confirmed. Looks likely that there will be gigs in Holland, France and Spain this summer…