The Blue Note in Milan

Last night was the best gig of the tour so far! It was a real pleasure to play in such a prestigious club (check out this months line up in the pictures below) and to a sell out crowd, made it even sweeter.

The audience was great and seemed to really enjoy the show! We really rocked the place and I imagine we were the loudest band they have ever hosted 🙂

I would love to return there one day as it was a very nice place to play. After a day off in the seaside we are off to Pisa tomorrow for our next gig followed by a trip to Toulon.













Lugagnano and Rome!

We arrived at what looked like the garage or basement of a big house, was this the hotel? No, it was the venue for our gig in Lugagnano near Verona. It’s is an intimate space but well known with prog fans in the surrounding area. Somehow 150 people squeezed in to hear us play and they were ecstatic, they clapped and screamed a lot.

The next day we returned to Rome, the only city we play again this tour since our first tour earlier in the year. A different venue this time, CrossXroads. It has graced many great musicians in the past and there were pictures of them on the walls. It is a nice space with a great stage
and sound system.

It fits around 400 people and fortunately it was another sold out show. The band played very well again and it was warmly received by our Roman audience.

Today we are on our way to play the Blue note in Milan, which I am very much looking forward too. It’s sold out so it’s going to be fun!












Nuremberg and Aarburg.

After a great run of seven gigs in a row, we had our first day off, which involved crossing the whole of the Czech Republic. The next day we had a short journey to Nuremberg for our gig. It was a good venue and after early indications of small pre sale of tickets, a size-able crowd did turn up.

The next was a grueling 8 hour journey with two custom stops from Germany to Switzerland. After a long and through search of all our belongings at the Swiss border we made our way to the Moonwalker club.

It is a nice venue, a converted cinema that has hosted many great gigs in its history. We played well to a receptive audience. There were a few drummers in attendance and they seemed to be mesmerized by Gavin’s playing.

We are on our way to Verona today for a gig followed by Rome on Saturday and Milan on Sunday…








Worclaw and Ostrava

Our final show in Poland was immense 🙂 A great building that used to be a brewery nicely converted to a live music venue. Sold out again, the audience were incredibly warm and thoroughly enjoyed the music.

The crew we had for the three days of the drum festival in Poland were very good and helped out with everything, very friendly people indeed! I can’t wait to go back to Poland.

The next day after a short trip over the border to Ostrava in the Czech Republic, we arrive at a more intimate venue. It was a another sold out night and we were much closer to the audience. It was a fantastic gig, and we played a great set with all the band on good form after seven gigs in a row 🙂

A day off today(long travel day) before our next gig in Nuremberg Germany 🙂









Greetings from Poland!

After a long and bumpy drive from Berlin to Krakow we arrive at Club Studio. It was a very good gig, and the people from Poland are very respectful and grateful. They enjoyed the music very much even though it’s very challenging to play and listen to.

The next day we played in a lovely concert hall in Opole, where Gavin did a drum clinic before our performance. It was great audience and sold out again 🙂

The local crew have been fantastic and have been at all the gigs making everything run very smoothly. We have one more show left tonight in Poland, it will be sad to leave tomorrow, as it has been a very nice experience here:) next stop Wroclaw…









Hamburg and Berlin concerts

After a long drive through the north of Germany we arrived at the Logo club in Hamburg, it is a smaller club but we had a very appreciative crowd come to hear us. The gig went well and we played a good set. Justin played some great solos and the drum and guitar break in the song “Scar” was memorable.

The next day after a short drive to Berlin, we arrived for our gig at the Crystal club. We had a very good show there and the audience were very impressed and grateful for the music, some people came all the way from England to see the gig, so that was really nice. Seems like a fantastic city, it’s a shame we don’t have more time to explore a bit.

Early start the next day as it’s a seven hour bumpy journey to Krakow for our first ever gig in Poland.





First gig of the tour in Lille

Today was the first gig of the second tour with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric. It was a perfect start to the tour, a really great venue, and it was sold out!

Three hundred and fifty people enjoyed a short drum clinic then the full set by the band. It was a enthusiastic crowd with lots of young people in the audience from a local music school. They stayed until the end even though it’s a school night.

It was great to see the old crew back together and start the tour with such a really nice show. We are in Hamburg tomorrow so a long drive ahead…













Rehearsals for the upcoming Gavin Harrison and 05Ric tour!


This week I have been rehearsing with GH05 for our upcoming tour of Europe. It has been a fun few days going through the set and sorting out technical issues. It sounds great and I am exited to play this very challenging music for the next month. Everyone in the band is a fantastic musician and it will be a great show!

I am looking forward to playing in many amazing venues with a great band and crew. The long drives and early mornings won’t be fun but it’s all worth it!

I hope many people will enjoy the shows! Please come out and see us if you are around any of the cities we are performing. You can find the tour dates here.

I will post more blogs throughout the tour!




New Job and upcoming recording sessions

Chris blue barn

Hello, this week I started my new teaching job at Anglia Ruskin University and resumed teaching at Cambridge regional college. Its an exiting opportunity and the students are very motivated to learn, so it should be fun. I still have some slots available for private lessons so if you are interested please get in touch here!

This month is also a very busy month in the studio, first with Myles Sanko. We will be recording his second album at Blue Barn studios, with the great Chris Taylor engineering the sessions. The week after I will be back at Blue Barn studios with the Q3 jazz trio, recording the debut album for that project. More pictures and sound clips to come soon!

So its quite a busy October and a very busy November coming up too, as preparations for the tour with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric get underway, all the dates are listed here.




Player spotlight on and new videos!

Hello, I have been featured on on their player spotlight feature this week. Its a great website with some fantastic articles on all things bass, check it out!

Also this week there is a new video from my last tour with Gavin Harrison and 05ric this year. The son is called 107 and it was recorded in Rome. Also there is a video from the performance with Malik and the O.G.’s this year at the Liverpool International Music festival. Enjoy!