London Bass Guitar Show

This weekend was the spent at the Olympia Conference Center at the London Bass Guitar Show. I was invited by Warwick basses to join them at their stand. There were many bass companies in one room so there was a constant low end rumble and slap clicks throughout the day. Highlights for me were the Leyland Sklar and Jeff Berlin masterclass. I also enjoyed the sets from Shuffler, Steve Lawson and Yolanda Charles with Rob Harris. It was nice to meet new friends and catch up with old ones too…bass show 1

Bass show 2

Bass show 3

Bass show 4

Bass show 5

Bass show 6

Bass show 7

Bass show 8

Bass show 9

Bass show 10

Bass show 11

Bass show 12

bass show 13

bass show 14

bass show 15

bass show 16

Myles Sanko BBC Session

Hello, here is a link to a BBC radio session I was involved with last week, playing a few tracks from the upcoming Myles Sanko release. Its the second album and there is a Pledgemusic campaign for this project so please have a look and make a pledge here.






The Hustlers Convention at the jazz cafe

Hello, yesterday was the first time in 40 years that the album hustlers convention was performed live. It was great fun to play with such great musicians and to work with a legendary poet. it was also great to play with Malik once again. I met some very nice people and hope to play some more gigs with them all again..

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New tour dates and Resolution 88 album launch


I have added some new dates to the tour dates page and the will be more added soon! I am also very excited about the launch of the first Resolution 88 album on the 19th of January 2014. We will be playing three concerts this weekend to support the release so please come down to hear the music live! You can find more information here.



Happy new year and the Myles Sanko pledge music campaign!

Happy new year!

What a great year 2013 has been, two European tours, three great albums recorded, a new teaching job and many great gigs!! I ended this year with a fun New Year’s Eve gig at the Crab-shell inn down in Devon with Myles Sanko. He has launched a pledge music campaign and if you want to be part of the records creation, click here to make a pledge! I hope that 2014 is even more fun and productive year!

20140104-015813 pm.jpg

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Myles Sanko and Swagger gigs!

After a whole day off from the great tour with Gavin Harrison and 05Ric I was straight back to doing gigs in London and Cambridge with Myles Sanko and Swagger. The first gig was at a luxury hotel in central London with Swagger, it was a lot of fun but I was completely exhausted at 4am when I got back home.

The next two gigs were with Myles Sanko whose second album will be coming out early next year, it sounds great and the songs are a lot of fun to play. We played a fun gig at La Raza in Cambridge and the next day in London on 29th floor of Guy’s Hospital. The views were amazing, quite a fantastic place to do a gig! The crowds danced all night to our funky soul grooves! I finished the week with a treat, seeing one of my favorite stand up comedians Stewart Lee, it was very funny! If you have never heard/seen him check it out, great stuff.

No more gigs until New Year’s Eve so merry Christmas to you and see you at a gig in 2014, there are lots of exciting concerts coming up that I will put on the tour dates page soon!


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Amsterdam and Paris, the end.

After celebrating 50Ric’s birthday the night before we had our gig at the Paradiso concert hall in Amsterdam. I always like coming to Amsterdam, it’s a great city. The gig was really nice, very good acoustics in the room so it sounded great. The audience enjoyed it and made us feel welcome, I can’t wait to go back to do it again.

The next day we had a relatively long drive to Paris where the most surreal venue of the tour awaited us, the Batofar. It is an old lighthouse boat converted in to a music venue.

The load in for the equipment was hard work, heavy and a bit of a struggle. But once we were set up it sounded pretty good:) There was limited space so not everyone who wanted to come could get in, which is a shame. Nevertheless we started our last gig of the tour to a packed out boat, and the hole stage was tilting to the left a bit, which was quite bizarre.

After a couple of songs of getting used to the tilt, we rocked the boat on our last gig of what has been a fantastic tour! We played twenty gigs in 26 days in 8 different country’s and covered over 10000 kilometers. It has been great fun and all the gigs where well attended. There will be more tours and a new album for this project next year so let’s do it all again soon…

Many thanks to Mike Ellis for driving, teching and beer services. Thanks to Andrea Pellegrini for providing fantastic sound wherever we went, however good or bad the PA was set up, and doing it all with a great east going way. Many thanks to Francesco Griecco for booking the tour and generally dealing with all the annoying, often tedious problems that come up on a tour, gratzie! And finally thanks to the band, Gavin, Ric and Justin. They really were “the most marvelous times…”





















Aschaffenburg and Cologne

After a 1800 kilometer drive from Madrid to Frankfurt we arrived at our picturesque hill top hotel for the next two nights. It was a lovely hotel and we were all grateful to have a day to relax before our gig at the Colo-sal in Aschaffenburg.

The venue was great and the sound was fantastic too, we played to a very enthusiastic audience and enjoyed our gig very much. I had a riser on stage for me for the first time and it was a very nice set up for sound and eye contact with the band. Great gig!

The next day we had a short trip to Cologne for our concert at the Underground venue. This place was more rock and roll and the audience was very close to the stage which is nice:) it was another sold out show and after a bumpy start to the set we had a great show and enjoyed the energy we got back from such a vibrant crowd.

It was lovely to see some familiar faces is the audience from previous gigs on this tour and the tour in earlier this year πŸ™‚

We have only two shows left on this tour, it feels like it has been a long time on the road but also gone by very quickly. Tomorrow we play in Amsterdam and then Paris on Saturday, but before all that we celebrate 05Ric’s birthday tonight so happy birthday!













Barcelona y Madrid

Barcelona was great, what a fantastic city! We arrived at Razzamataz, our venue for the gig and were warmly greeted by the local promoter and crew. After a straightforward soundcheck we got ready for the show.

The audience in Barcelona were really great, cheering all the way through the gig and we all had a great time, played very well and enjoyed our time in Barcelona immensely!

The next day we left quite early on the deserted, extremely windy highway to Madrid. The scenery was quite amazing!

We got to our venue at the Sala Copernico, and had another quick soundcheck, which was good because Gavin had 4 interviews.

The gig was nice, the people from Madrid were really friendly and enjoyed the gig. This was the firs gig where I felt quite exhausted during the show, but we got through it and it was a good performance.

Today and tomorrow are “days off” where we have to drive more than 1000 miles from Madrid to Frankfurt for our next gig. The scenery is amazing πŸ™‚










Blitz club in Pisa and le Vox in Toulon

We had a lovely time in Italy, it was sad to leave! Our last gig in Italy was in Pisa at the Blitz club, our sound engineer Andrea’s home town πŸ™‚ It was a fantastic gig and some people where here from the Rome gig. We had a really nice time playing in Italy, I can’t wait to come back.

The next gig was in Toulon. The French crowd were very nice, although their grasp of the English sense of humor is non existent. The audience were very appreciative of the music and we had a great gig.

Next stop Barcelona then Madrid πŸ™‚